A generation after that, Bieber repeated the feat, and even though he was 20 at the time, the images still sent shock waves across the Internet and met with not a little derision.  “That turned so many heads,” says Billboard‘s Keith Caufield.  “Because it was such a startling thing that Bieber would be in his underwear, sexy and half naked.  It’s like, ‘Whoa, hold on!’  We don’t bat an eye when Britney Spears is in her Intimate line, or if Selena Gomez decides to shoot a sexy music video.  But if a pop guy takes off his shirt in a music video?  It’s like, ‘Oh my God!  Stop the presses!'”


— excerpt from Where The Boys Aren’t: The Slow, Curious Fade of the Male Pop Star
(Entertainment Weekly, July 2015)