Black Lake (Two Screen Version)

shot on location in iceland by award-winning director andrew thomas huang, the ten minute long film for “black lake” was commissioned by the museum of modern art, new york and debuted there earlier this year.

the film includes motifs from the icelandic landscape—caves, ravines, lava, and moss fields—and reflects ideas of pain, perishing, and rebirth.

Vespertine when I met the love of my life


i remember an interesting thing i read once that your first and perhaps your second project cover your childhood and then after that you have to make up some more experiences before you can write about them. that makes sense to me. you could say that debut is about my childhood, post about adolescence, homogenic when i became grownup, vespertine when i met the love of my life, medulla when i had a baby, volta when we were rootless and trying to decide where to live, and biophilia when we found it! thats one way of looking at it. there are many other ways too.

— björk

(and then vulnicura happened)