Black Lake (Two Screen Version)

shot on location in iceland by award-winning director andrew thomas huang, the ten minute long film for “black lake” was commissioned by the museum of modern art, new york and debuted there earlier this year.

the film includes motifs from the icelandic landscape—caves, ravines, lava, and moss fields—and reflects ideas of pain, perishing, and rebirth.

The Rapey Roster

I haven’t been able to get The Hunting Ground out of my head since I watched it. It’s the kind of documentary that makes you want to destroy people and things and industries and institutions.

Then today’s posts on Broadly appeared and are just as infuriating.

I Care as Much About Football as the NFL Cares About Women

I am not a football fan. Like other institutions that overtly exclude women from their highest and most revered ranks, it isn’t worthy of my time. And it’s boring. So while my boyfriend was watching a game at the start of this season, I was busy doing more interesting things on my phone, not even looking at the television screen, when I sarcastically asked, “How many rapists are on that field right now?”

“Well, actually, like three—that I know of,” he answered.

That’s when I started paying attention.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the NFL Personal Conduct Policy

Are you not a football fan, but still wonder why the fuck alleged violent criminals are allowed to earn millions of dollars in this organization? We wrote this for you.

Depth Chart: There Are 44 NFL Players Who Have Been Accused of Sexual or Physical Assault

When we celebrate these men as athletes and role models while overlooking their alleged histories, we contribute to a culture in which violent misogyny is normalized.