The Rapey Roster

I haven’t been able to get The Hunting Ground out of my head since I watched it. It’s the kind of documentary that makes you want to destroy people and things and industries and institutions.

Then today’s posts on Broadly appeared and are just as infuriating.

I Care as Much About Football as the NFL Cares About Women

I am not a football fan. Like other institutions that overtly exclude women from their highest and most revered ranks, it isn’t worthy of my time. And it’s boring. So while my boyfriend was watching a game at the start of this season, I was busy doing more interesting things on my phone, not even looking at the television screen, when I sarcastically asked, “How many rapists are on that field right now?”

“Well, actually, like three—that I know of,” he answered.

That’s when I started paying attention.

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the NFL Personal Conduct Policy

Are you not a football fan, but still wonder why the fuck alleged violent criminals are allowed to earn millions of dollars in this organization? We wrote this for you.

Depth Chart: There Are 44 NFL Players Who Have Been Accused of Sexual or Physical Assault

When we celebrate these men as athletes and role models while overlooking their alleged histories, we contribute to a culture in which violent misogyny is normalized.



01. All Them Witches – Charles William
02. Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
03. Lower Dens – Sucker’s Shangri-La
04. Shannon And The Clams – My Man
05. Girls Names – A Hunger Artist
06. SEXWITCH – Ghoroobaa Ghashangan
07. Populous – Fall
08. Cocorosie – Un Beso
09. Blue Hawaii – Floral
10. Hidden Ritual – Judy
11. La Luz – With Davey
12. Hinds – Chili Town
13. Shannon and The Clams – Runaway

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In today’s installment of Fuck You, Hollywood!, we have A Walk In The Woods.

40 years married couple Bill Bryson and his wife, Cynthia Billen, portrayed by:
Robert Redford (79)
Emma Thompson (56)

From what I can gather online, Bill and Cynthia are contemporaries, and casting actors with a 23 year age difference is yet another example of Hollywood sexist bullshit.



01. Shannon And The Clams – I Will Miss the Jasmine
02. La Luz – You Disappear
03. iamamiwhoami – Fountain
04. Wayward – Belize
05. CocoRosie – Heartache City (Live)
06. Ibeyi – Exhibit Diaz
07. Warpaint – I’ll Start Believing
08. Elle King – Ex’s & Oh’s
09. Shannon And The Clams – How Long
10. The Digital Wild – Around
11. SEXWITCH – Helelyos
12. Blue Hawaii – Lonelyhearts
13. Lower Dens – To Die In L.A.
14. Chelsea Wolfe – Survive

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