01. Lust For Youth – International
02. SQÜRL – Funnel of Love
03. White Lies – Death
04. Future Islands – The Chase
05. Millie Small – Oh Henry
06. John Lurie – The Beast
07. Can – Vitamin C
08. Moon Duo – I Been Gone (Live)
09. Black Marble – Cruel Summer
10. Hidden Ritual – Dusty Dagger
11. The Parrots – To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here
12. Hinds – Davey Crockett
13. Bachelorette – The National Grid
14. Lower Dens – Maneater

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Vespertine when I met the love of my life


i remember an interesting thing i read once that your first and perhaps your second project cover your childhood and then after that you have to make up some more experiences before you can write about them. that makes sense to me. you could say that debut is about my childhood, post about adolescence, homogenic when i became grownup, vespertine when i met the love of my life, medulla when i had a baby, volta when we were rootless and trying to decide where to live, and biophilia when we found it! thats one way of looking at it. there are many other ways too.

— björk

(and then vulnicura happened)


I find it very interesting that a man can be a stripper, talk about it openly, go on SNL and parody it in several sketches, and nobody accuses him of leveraging his sexuality to get ahead. They applaud it. And he did make a quality film, and it obviously did really well, and it had a certain pedigree – it wasn’t trashy – but I do not think a woman would be treated the same way. I’m living proof of that. A woman’s sexuality is dangerous and threatening and dirty, and for Channing, it’s a charming tool in his arsenal. And I love Magic Mike. I love Channing. This is in no way a diss on him.

— Diablo Cody

Treinta, FFS


01. Hinds – Castigadas En El Granero
02. Total Control – Flesh War
03. Lust For Youth – New Boys
04. Emika – Battles
05. Tove Lo – Not On Drugs
06. Zero 7 – 400 Blows
07. Aurora – Running with the Wolves
08. Future Islands – Haunted By You
09. Low Roar – Easy Way Out
10. Mia Doi Todd – Menina, Amanha De Mahna
11. Ibeyi – Think of You
12. Phantogram – Black Out Days
13. Black Marble – MSQ No-Extra
14. Beach Fossils – Out In the Way (feat. Wild Nothing)
15. Blouse – In A Feeling Like This
16. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty

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